Let me be clear, I am 100% AGAINST any sort of protection for illegal immigrants. This
includes individuals who were brought here decades ago by their parents. We have established
immigration laws in this country and no free rides should be given to people who have been
breaking the law for several decades. I believe the immediate removal of these “Dreamers”
should occur as expeditiously as possible. As long as we allow illegal immigrants to make
themselves at home in the United States, I feel our national security and sovereignty as a country
is at risk.

During the Obama administration, established immigration laws were ignored and illegal
immigrants were given a carte blanche to come into the United States at will and without any
repercussions. There should be no compromise whatsoever in allowing these people to stay.
Many of them are using other people’s information, don’t pay their fair share of taxes, and utilize
many of the government funded services that are meant for citizens of the US. Many of these
illegals would have you to believe that they are here “to create a better life”. According to a 2016
study in the Journal of Public Economics, there is no convincing evidence that “Dreamers”
attended school in higher rates than American citizens.

As a member of Congress, I would immediately introduce a bill to get rid of the awful
immigration lottery system. The latest New York City terrorist, the one who ran over people in a
Home Depot van, was a beneficiary of this highly ineffective program. Not only does this
program allow terrorist to come directly into the United States it has several other problems too.
The program is wrought with fraud and racism. The idea of having a lottery program that
determines who gains entry into our great nation is just wrong! This is another idea dreamed up
by the Democratic elite which has cost the American people in the biggest way possible: with
American blood at the hands of a radical Islamic terrorist.

In addition to holding the individual accountable, we need to hold sanctuary cities
accountable as well. This can be done by cutting federal funding or prosecuting the elected
leaders of those cities. We are a nation of laws and everyone, especially those in public office,
have a duty to follow the law. We are a nation of immigrants but there are procedures to follow
to get to America the legal way. If I am elected to Congress, I will be a staunch opponent of any
law or deal that will allow these illegal immigrants to remain in our country. They should instead
“Dream” in their own country while following the established process of gaining legal
citizenship just like hundreds of thousands of people do on a yearly basis.

I will instead push Congress to adopt a merit based immigration system. A merit based
system would allow those who are willing to invest money into America and create high paying
jobs priority over other entrants. A second tier of the merit based system would be to allow those
with in demand skills to enter the country. This would ensure that all new entrants would provide
an economic benefit – through paying taxes and job creation – on day one of their arrival into the
country. The time has come to cut the umbilical cord on those who are just taking from our
country and not giving anything back.